Unique Experiences

Experiences are at the heart of this retreat. They will be immersive, exciting, challenging and revealing. Find your spirit and raise your consciousness. From shamanic drumming to fire walks, ecstatic dance to deep intuitive connection. Find your soul, face your fears and discover so much more. Whilst there will be work to do, the rewards are amazing.

Masterclass Teachings

Learning is the basis of every retreat and is founded on our book the Zen Jungle Holistic Masterclass in how to truly love life. Talks, teaching, coaching and group sessions are all included and will be transformative no matter what level you are at. Whatever your aims. this retreat will take you towards peace, freedom and happiness.

A Natural Paradise

Our setting is so special. It's an unspoilt natural sanctuary with 5 lakes, enchanted woodland to explore and an almost deafening peace and tranqulity. The retreat will help you to DO nothing and just BE, with so many amazing spaces to find ultimate peace, to watch the wildlife and master your own thoughts. Get ready for thoughtless bliss.

Log Cabins & Lodges

Our lodges are currently being newly styled, both inside and out to become a luxuriously simple settlement, all made of sustainable natural materials.  Each is self contained with either one or two double bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge with cosy log burners and sumptuos, rustic boho styling. This is the comfort zone.

The Journey & Results

This is not simply a retreat, it is part of your life's journey, your dharma. As you learn, practice and experience profound change occurs and the person and perspectives that have bound and limited you will fade to reveal freedom, peace, purpose and happiness. As the world awakens, this experience will reveal what's next and a whole new and beautiful life ahead.

Like-minded Community

As you realise and want more from your life, a kind of isolation can occur, where others simply don't see what you see. In this group you will feel a deep belonging. Conversations will be meaningful and the feel is one of a new community or settlement, embarking on a new way to live and building life-long friendships with  a common vision and goals

Amazing stays,

life-changing results

A purpose built and unique, life-changing personal transformation experience is currently being lovingly created in South West England, on the border of Devon and Cornwall. 7 and 14 day retreats will couple immersive, transformational teaching based on the acclaimed Zen Jungle Masterclass, with rich and unique experiences of connection and consciousness. Find presence and practice in a jaw droppingly beautiful 40 acre setting, that's peaceful and bursting with nature.


12 luxury log cabins are being lovingly styled amidst 5 tranquil lakes, unspoilt woodland and abundant wildlife.​ Add to that, shamanic firepit lounges, drumming and healing ceremonies, Kriya yoga, Cacoa and tea ceremonies, ice baths and cold water swimming, ecstatic dance, fire walking, plant medicine, readings and regressions and you have just some of the regular activities that together with the masterclass, will help raise your consciousness..

Love life, Conscious & Connected

Everything here is about raising human consciousness and awakening, healing the symptoms of the way we live in western society and finally ending the suffering of both physical and mental illness.
The environment and the teachngs will come together to create the most amazing inner peace, enabling participants to find a whole new state of being and a new perspective on life.
Woodland hideaways, beautiful viewing areas, quiet lakeside seating and the community of like minded people will fuel energy and conversation that simply doesn't happen anywhere else.
Simple luxury, natural materials and self sufficient living
Our lodges are currently being re-imagined and will become simple yet beautiful in every way. The use of natural oak, updated interiors and everything you need for a luxury get-away.
High threadcount linens will compliment rustic and boho furniture to give the most effortless living evironments, not because this is simply a holiday but because it will prevent  distractions that prevent both practice and learnings.
Raising your level of consciousness is almost impossible with the distractions of TV, the internet and social media. It has become a compulsive addiction for almost all of us, leaving an inability to remove thoughts from our minds or find any peace at all.
This retreat will take you on a journey, which without distractions will teach you full control of your thoughts. Soon you'll be choosing when, what and if you think at all, leaving behind your anxiety and overthinking.
It is our aim to immerse you in an environment more peaceful that you have ever known but first we must break the compulsive habit to need and crave the ideas and information that bombard us and that are all too accessible with the devices we are never too far away from.
There's no TV here, phone signals are intermittent and internet is limited to a schedule
A retreat by name and by nature
Nestled in rolling, peaceful hills on the border of Devon and Cornwall, near to the spiritual surfing community of Bude, the Zen Jungle Retreat is a unique, peaceful, transformational hideaway.
5 amazing lakes and unspoilt woodland create 40 acres of amazing and energetic immersion in nature.
Our project includes renovating 12 existing lodges to create simple luxury, landscaping, planting even more trees, adding woodland and wildlife, the creation of 15 further lakehouse cabins and so much more.
This place is special and soon it will become even more so with ancient fire ceremonies for healing, teaching temples ice baths, lakeside lounges and endless walks and areas dedicated to peaceful presence.


Learn to choose what, when and if you think

Thought is so overated


Specialist Sessions

Each retreat will break out into groups focussed on specialist areas. These will be tailored to the group but normally include addiction, depression, anxiety and overthinking, illness and pain, the search for purpose and relationships.

What you experience here will transform you

Just some of the included experiences that will change your life and perspective forever: 

  • Presence and advanced presence with Zazen

  • Shamanic drumming, sound activation and healing

  • Drumming circles

  • Firepit ceremonies with ecstatic dance

  • Cacao and Tea Ceremonies

  • Plant medicine and diet cleansing

  • Sustainable growing & Permaculture

  • All masterclass talks, teachings and coaching.

Optional additional activities, subject to availability

  • Energy healing and readings

  • Past life regression

  • Courses in Kriya yoga

  • Shamanic Detox and Diet cleansing

  • Enlightenment teaching and experiences

When our ideas, thoughts and expectations are challenged, we realise it is the mind and what we "think" we need and want that stands between where we are and the happiness we are seeking.

Outside our comfort zone, we find peace and freedom from the mind

Talks, teaching, one-on-one coaching and specialist sessions available for 3 days each week (attendance is optional)

The mind is the most powerful thing on the planet but we were never taught to use it. The Zen Jungle masterclass is changing that, and with it, changing so many lives for the better. Every retreat guest gets free access to the online course at the point of booking, and before arrival it is recommended to partner it with your choice of audiobook, paperback or kindle to arrive at the retreat familiar with the content and ready to practice, consolidate your learning and share your transformation stories with others you meet while continuing your journey to a whole new state of being here at the retreat.


Talks and teaching will vary by week to suit the group but will usually cover some or all of the following in the aim of making your learning truly actionable and personal to you :

  • Ego and identity

  • Judgement, preferences and acceptance​

  • Blame and gorgiveness

  • Zero thought, no preference, anxiety or fear.

  • Becoming permanently present and Zazen

  • The ego search engine and the watcher

  • Energetic ego release, the real magic

  • Raised consciosness,Integration, truth and illusion

  • Conscious relationships

  • Connection, flow and harnessing intuition

  • Becoming a tuning fork and attraction

All included with your retreat

The Zen Jungle Masterclass, 
life-changing learning that changes everything, forever.

A place to experience, learn,

heal and practice

Each week is formatted for transformational progress with a combination of learning, time to practice and unique life-changing experiences. As you spend time in a community of like minded people, learning new ways to both be and think, you will slowly heal, connect and find the power of deeper consciousness. Freedom, peace and purpose will follow self realisation and the effects of mental and physical illness, overthinking and anxiety will fall away. Emerge connected with enhanced intuition, confidence and free from the false, ego identity. It's magical.  


Launching Summer 2022

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